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What Is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen?

Understanding of stainless steel wire mesh screen

Stainless steel wire mesh screen is not just a regular mesh product but a mesh product that strictly adheres to a series of mesh pore sizes and has the function of grading and screening object particles. It is recognized by industry organizations and standards. Stainless steel wire mesh screen is classified into stainless steel woven mesh and stainless steel plate mesh. It is made into mesh products through punching and stretching with certain technical methods. Stainless steel wire mesh screen is widely used in industry, agriculture, science and technology, and national defense. It is used for reinforcement of highway construction, traffic facilities, protection barriers for sports venues, industrial solid-liquid filtration, and more. Currently, many industrial processes in industrialized countries cannot do without stainless steel wire mesh screen. We can see its importance. Stainless steel wire mesh screen has become a necessity in people's lives, from high-tech industries to daily life, cultural activities, and national economy, and it is closely related to national economy and people’s livelihood. Stainless steel wire mesh screen is mainly used in aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceuticals, grain, food processing, and chemical industries.

Weaving methods of stainless steel wire mesh screen

Stainless steel wire mesh screen is classified according to weaving methods, such as plain weave, twill weave, plain Dutch weave, herringbone weave, and mat weave. Types of stainless steel wire mesh include plain weave stainless steel wire mesh, flat wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh screen, stainless steel wire mesh screen, high-precision screen, steel wire braided mesh, twill weave mesh, embossed mesh, and more.

Stainless steel wire mesh is resistant to acid, alkali, high temperature, tension, and abrasion. Stainless steel wire mesh screens are used for screening and filtering under acid and alkali conditions. They are used as mud screens in the petroleum industry, screening filters in the chemical and fiber industries, and acid washing screens in the electroplating industry. Stainless steel sintered mesh filter element, also known as stainless steel filter element, filter element, filter mesh element, etc. Stainless steel filter element is the most widely used non-standard product in the filtration industry. Its specifications can be customized according to requirements, and the forms are diverse. The filtering accuracy can also be customized from 1 micron to 200 microns.

Stainless steel dense mesh is suitable for gas, liquid filtration and separation of other media. It is widely used in precision pressure filters, fuel filters, vacuum filters and other industries. Stainless steel embossed mesh is woven with special technology. It has a flat surface, strong structure, durability and other characteristics. It is an innovative product for clean pig equipment. The structure is stable, resistant to impact, wear-resistant, low-cost, and the mesh hole can be kept uniform and beautiful for a long time.

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