Anpeng Wire Mesh Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.


What's your advantages?

As an industrial screen manufacturer, we have a 34,500 square feet workshop located in Anpeng wire mesh industrial park. We supply cost-effective products, professional service and timely delivery.

Can I customized the products?

Yes, please address your specifications or needs, we could customize all products.

Why choose Anpeng?

With more than 10 years experience of supplying the Australia&NZ market, Our products widely used in the quarry industry has a much longer wear life. And has a good anti-clogging effect.

How long is delivery time?

Your order can be shipped out within 7 days, after order placed.

And then after order is shipped depending on what type of shipping method, usually takes 30 to 40 days by ocean for the order to be delivered.

Do you provide samples?

We provide free samples, samples could be shipped out with your existing order or you could pay for shipping and samples will be shipped to you immediately.

Is our screens easy to install?

Yes, our screens are easy to install, takes only one to two workers to install.

Is regular inspection and maintenance needed?

That depends on the product you are using. Generally speaking, our screens require less maintenance than your other industrial screens. But some products especially, were designed for their self-cleaning and anti-clogging properties (ie. Self-cleaning Series, Anti-clogging Series and PU-Mesh). These screens could significantly reduce your maintenance and down-time.