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Anpeng Heavy Duty Anti-clogging Screen

Independent wires are bound together horizontally with wire wefts woven in between. This type of flexible connection allows the wires to vibrate freely at different frequencies preventing material from accumulating between the wires. It effectively screens all kinds of damp, sticky, hard-to-screen materials in the mining, quarry, aggregate processing, sand and gravel industry. Anpeng Anti Clogging Wire Mesh is available in Diamond opening, Triangle opening and Harp opening.  

Anti-clogging Screen
Anti-clogging Screen
Anti-clogging Screen
Anti-clogging Screen

Specification of Heavy Duty Anti-clogging Wire Mesh Screen

ItemOpening  (mm)Wire Size (mm)
Diamond Opening Screen2.51.6
Diamond Opening Screen2.752
Diamond Opening Screen31.6
Diamond Opening Screen3.151.6
Diamond Opening Screen3.52
Diamond Opening Screen3.551.6
Diamond Opening Screen3.751.25
Diamond Opening Screen41.6
Diamond Opening Screen42
Diamond Opening Screen42.5
Diamond Opening Screen4.52
Diamond Opening Screen4.51.6
Diamond Opening Screen4.761.37
Diamond Opening Screen4.762.03
Diamond Opening Screen52
Diamond Opening Screen52.5
Diamond Opening Screen53.15
Diamond Opening Screen52.34
Diamond Opening Screen5.62
Diamond Opening Screen5.62.5
Diamond Opening Screen5.62.8
Diamond Opening Screen62.5
Diamond Opening Screen63.15
Diamond Opening Screen6.32
Diamond Opening Screen6.32.5
Diamond Opening Screen6.33.15
Diamond Opening Screen6.353.05
Diamond Opening Screen7.12
Diamond Opening Screen7.12.5
Diamond Opening Screen82.5
Diamond Opening Screen82.8
Diamond Opening Screen8.52.5
Diamond Opening Screen92.5
Diamond Opening Screen93.15
Diamond Opening Screen102.5
Diamond Opening Screen103.15
Diamond Opening Screen10.64
Diamond Opening Screen11.24.15
Diamond Opening Screen11.55
Diamond Opening Screen11.83.15
Diamond Opening Screen11.84
Diamond Opening Screen125
Diamond Opening Screen12.53.15
Diamond Opening Screen12.54
Diamond Opening Screen12.73.05
Diamond Opening Screen13.23.15
Diamond Opening Screen13.25
Diamond Opening Screen143.15
Diamond Opening Screen144
Diamond Opening Screen163.15
Diamond Opening Screen165
Diamond Opening Screen17.53.15
Diamond Opening Screen193.15
Diamond Opening Screen203.15
Diamond Opening Screen205
Diamond Opening Screen22.43.15
Diamond Opening Screen22.44
Diamond Opening Screen253.15
Diamond Opening Screen254
Diamond Opening Screen255
Diamond Opening Screen25.45.72
Triangle opening screen21.6
Triangle opening screen2.51.6
Triangle opening screen7.942.34
Harp Screen12.74.11
Harp Screen15.884.11

Heavy-duty Metal Screen Material

High-tensile steel and stainless steel are two common materials used for manufacturing heavy-duty metal screens due to their excellent mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion. Here's some information about each of these materials:

High Tensile Steel:

High-tensile steel, also known as high-strength or high-performance steel, is characterized by its ability to withstand heavy loads and stresses without permanent deformation or failure. It has a high yield strength and ultimate tensile strength.


Excellent strength-to-weight ratio: High tensile steel provides exceptional strength without excessive weight.

Resists deformation: It can withstand significant loads without bending or warping.

Suitable for heavy-duty applications: High-tensile steel is commonly used in construction, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Applications: Heavy-duty screens made from high-tensile steel are often used in mining equipment, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and industrial sieves.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is an alloy composed primarily of iron, chromium, and other elements. It is known for its resistance to corrosion, staining, and rust, making it an excellent choice for outdoor and corrosive environments.


Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel does not corrode easily, making it ideal for outdoor and marine applications.

Hygienic: Stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for applications where cleanliness is crucial.

Aesthetic appeal: Stainless steel has a sleek and modern appearance.

Applications: Stainless steel screens are used in a wide range of heavy-duty applications, including architectural projects, food processing equipment, chemical processing plants, marine hardware, and outdoor infrastructure.

Features of Anti-Clogging Wire Mesh

Features of Anti-Clogging Wire Mesh

Prevent clogging and blinding


Top Grade high-tensile steel and stainless steel


Various openings and sizes.


Easy installation and quick maintenance

Service life of Heavy Duty Metal Mesh Screen

The service life of a woven screen depends on three core factors:


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