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Anpeng Slotted Screen Mesh

Anpeng woven wire mesh with slotted openings could be woven in any slot length and with any number of wires in clusters. This type of opening provides greater open area, in addition to higher production compare to regular square mesh. Designed to screen scalp flat, elongated particles, and smaller materials in wet conditions, and also to reduce clogging or blinding of material. Slotted screens could be customized to have a long aperture with or against the material flow. As one of the professional screen mesh suppliers, our slotted screens are long wearing even against the most high-impact applications to be found in quarries and mines.

Slotted Screen
Slotted Screen
Slotted Screen
Slotted Screen

Specification of Anpeng Slotted Screen Mesh

Wire Slot TypeAperture Size (mm)Wire - HT Size (mm)
Single Wire Slot2.0mm x 20.0mm2.00mm
Triple Wire Slot3.15mm x 25.0mm2.00mm
Triple Wire Slot3.4mm x 25.0mm2.00mm
Triple Wire Slot3.8mm x 30.0mm2.00mm
Triple Wire Slot4.0mm x 30.0mm2.50mm
Triple Wire Slot5.0mm x 35.0mm2.50mm
Triple Wire Slot6.0mm x 40.0mm2.50mm
Triple Wire Slot7.0mm x 45.0mm2.50mm
Triple Wire Slot8.0mm x 70.0mm3.15mm
Triple Wire Slot10.0mm x 80.0mm3.15mm

Application of Slotted Mesh Screens

Slotted mesh screens provided by screen mesh suppliers are used in various applications where separating solids and liquids is necessary. Some of the most common applications of slotted mesh screens include:

Water well drilling: Slotted mesh screens are commonly used in water well drilling to filter out sand and other small particles from the water. 

Mining: Slotted mesh screens are used in the mining industry to filter out particles from drilling mud and other fluids. The screens are also used to process minerals to remove unwanted particles and impurities.

Oil and gas industry: Slotted mesh screens are used in the oil and gas industry to filter out sand and other particles from the drilling fluid.

Features of Slotted Screen Mesh

Features of Slotted Screen Mesh

Increased open areas than square mesh


Less blinding when screening damp material


Engineered to increase screening efficiency and reduce blinding


Improve effective wear life of screens


Wide range of openings and sizes to meet your requirements


Ideal when sizing accuracy is secondary to screening capacity

To Order Woven Wire Mesh

To order woven wire mesh in Anpeng, you would have to state your specifications on the followings:

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