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What Are the Advantages of Polyurethane Screen Mesh in Mining?

Polyurethane screens are used in many fields. Polyurethane screens are used in projects such as mining and coal mining. It is very beneficial to choose polyurethane screens when mining mines. The following will introduce the use of polyurethane screens in the mining process. benefit.

1. The installation of polyurethane screen mesh can prolong the service life of the crusher

Measures are taken to strictly control the coarse crushing particle size and the phenomenon of iron inclusion, and the installation of polyurethane screen mesh can prolong the service life of the crusher.

In order to reduce the cost of the ball mill, the ore must be crushed to a later stage, and then put into the ball mill for dissociation. The dissociation stage before entering the ball mill is the crushing stage of beneficiation.

The general crushing process is: coarse crushing –> medium crushing –> screening, the under-sieve after sieving by the polyurethane screen –> ball mill; the over-sieve after screening –> fine crushing –> re-screening, this is the The common three-stage one-closed-circuit crushing process.

For rough crushing, jaw crusher or gyratory cone crusher is generally used. Before the raw ore is put in, it should generally be crushed, and the particle size should not exceed 650mm.

In order to effectively control this particle size, a polyurethane screen (also called mining mesh  screen) that matches the size of the crusher is installed at the crushing inlet for effective control. Controlling the particle size will reduce the bearing capacity of the jaw crusher, which can effectively protect the jaw plate and prevent the truck from being crushed.

2. Polyurethane screen mesh increases the slope of buffer tank and material transportation channel

The factors affecting the coefficient of friction generally include: material properties, speed and temperature, load, vibration and smoothness and other factors, among which we can change the material and load.

As long as we change the slope of the buffer tank or material transportation channel, increase the inclination angle to reduce the positive pressure, and reduce the friction in disguise, which can reduce the wear of the metal wall and increase the service life. This effect can be achieved by installing a pu screen mesh.

3. On the metal wall through which the material passes, a layer of polyurethane screen mesh is nailed to increase the service life of the metal wall

In the case that the buffer slope cannot be adjusted, in addition to increasing the hardness of the steel plate, we can nail the bulkhead with a layer of 20mm--30mm thick polyurethane protection plate.

Hardness has a great influence on the friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomers. In general, the lower the hardness, the higher the friction coefficient, the smoother the surface and the smaller the friction force.

Because of the high hardness of iron ore, the surface of polyurethane is smooth and elastic, so the pu screen can effectively protect the buffer bulkhead and reduce damage.