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The Method of Solving the Leakage of Urethane Screens

There are many reasons for the leakage phenomenon at the edge of the urethane screen. One is that the quality of the urethane screen is not up to standard, the second is the installation of the urethane screen, and the third is the maintenance. Generally speaking, it is nothing more than these three situations.

1. The installation of urethane screen is not standardized

The installation of urethane screens can be said to be a commonplace. The technical personnel of the production enterprises do not care about the installation of urethane screens. They feel that the urethane screens have been installed for many years, and there is no need to repeat them.

In fact, they overlooked a fundamental problem that polyurethane screen mesh is not static for many years, and any product is constantly improved, sometimes only with subtle differences.

Through investigation, it was found that the process of installing the urethane screen is as follows: when the old urethane screen is found to be unusable, first remove the fixing bolts on the screen surface of the urethane screen, and then remove the tension plates on both sides of the screen frame of the urethane screen.

Then use the machine to drag out the waste urethane screen. They do not know that many problems are caused by this pulling out. This process seems simple, but it is easy to cause uneven force around the frame of the urethane screen, causing damage.

The correct method is to take it lightly and then slowly in the pulling-out stage of the urethane screen. When it is found that the pulling-out process of the urethane screen is difficult, find the reason and then pull it out.

When installing the urethane screen, first remove the stones under the screen surface of the pu screen and the edge of the screen frame, and then pave it. When paving, pay attention to whether the screen surface is flat, and whether the screen edge and frame are tightly combined and then tightened tightly. plate, and then fix the screen surface bolts.

2. Maintenance of urethane screens

Any equipment and accessories must be maintained and repaired after a period of use, otherwise there will be failures, and the failure rate of new urethane screens is generally less.

However, when the urethane screen has been used for nearly 30 days, it is necessary to frequently check whether the particles of the urethane screen are uneven in size.

Check the screen edge of the urethane screen mesh and the screw fixing of the tension plate in time, etc. During the screening process of the urethane screen mesh, pay attention to frequently check and listen to see if there is any abnormal noise problem.

If there is a problem with the urethane screen, judge and deal with it in time. On the contrary, it is difficult to deal with the leakage when the urethane screen is found to be damaged.

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