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The Impact of Vibrating Screen Mesh Aperture Shape on Screening Efficiency

What are the effects of aperture shape on the screening efficiency of vibrating screen mesh?

Circular aperture

The punching screen surface of vibrating screen mesh is mostly of this type. The effective area of circular screening holes is small, so the corresponding screening efficiency of vibrating screen mesh is the lowest. Powder materials mostly use circular aperture screens;

Square aperture

One type of woven screen mesh, its effective area is larger than that of circular aperture but smaller than that of rectangular aperture. The screening efficiency of vibrating screen mesh is intermediate. Block materials mostly use square woven screen mesh;

Rectangular aperture

Another type of woven wire mesh along with square aperture, its effective area is the largest among woven screen mesh and its screening efficiency is also the highest. Plate-like materials mostly use rectangular aperture screens;

The advantages of rectangular aperture: Woven screen mesh holes are not easy to block. The disadvantages of rectangular aperture: It is easy for elongated or slab-like materials to pass through the woven screen mesh holes, resulting in uneven product particle size.

Reasons for the "torsional vibration" failure of vibrating screen mesh

The "torsional vibration" phenomenon generally occurs in the linear vibrating screen model of vibrating screens because in order to ensure sufficient efficiency and vibration force, the linear vibrating screen is usually equipped with two motors for driving.

When the two motors generate excitatory forces, which cancel each other out in the direction parallel to the motor axis and aggregate into a single force in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis, the material on the vibrating screen mesh moves in a straight line, which is the normal working trajectory of the vibrating screening machine.

However, if the above two excitatory forces deviate or the spring damping parameters of the vibrating screen mesh and different components fail, it will cause the vibrating screen mesh box to produce "torsional vibration".

And there may be phenomena such as deviation, resonance, stagnation, etc. on the material on the vibrating screen mesh on the vibrating screening machine. In summary, there are several reasons that may cause "torsional vibration" of the vibrating screen mesh.

  • The action direction of the excitatory force generated by the vibrator of the vibrating screen mesh deviates or deflects;

  • The spring damping system and different components of the linear vibrating screen fail;

  • The linear vibrating screen is not placed on a level surface, and the screening surface of the vibrating screen mesh cannot be kept level;

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