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Reasons for the Wide Use of Mine Screen Mesh and It's Deformation

Ⅰ. Why are mine screen meshs widely used?

Screening in mining is widely used by us, and at the same time, this screen has many functions. It may be precisely because of its functions that people in every industry use it.

1. Stability

The stability of the screen is very good, because it uses different materials during production, so the plasticity is relatively strong.

When we use it, we can choose according to our own needs, and the mine screen mesh is also composed of metal wires, so the stability of the mine screen mesh is very good.

2. Corrosion resistance

The screen and other meshes have similar functions, but there is one thing that the mine screen mesh has an advantage, that is, corrosion resistance, it can be used in an acid and alkali environment for a long time, and it is also durable, and the life is really unnecessary. Compliment.

Ⅱ. How to solve the deformation problem of the mine screen mesh?

The deformation of the industrial screening in mineral processing occurs during cutting and is the result of the slight bending deformation of the complex mine screen mesh on the shearing product. Therefore, the more prone the material is to plastic bending and small springback, the greater the residual deformation and distortion. How to solve the deformation problem of mine screen mesh?

When the width of the shear band is narrower than the thickness of the material, since bending does not occur, the portion that prevents deformation becomes smaller, and the deformation becomes larger.

Although bending in the direction of the shear line of the mine screen mesh, this also reduces the formation of a cantilever beam when bending the screen in the width direction.

Because it is different from the shear line, it seems to be due to the indentation of the forced upper front, producing the direction of the elongated deformation shear line, because this continuous accumulation increases the bending deformation in the width direction, which leads to the complexity of the deformation combination. deformed.

Although the shearing and cutting mechanism of the mine screen mesh and sieve does not change much due to the influence of the shear angle, the material in contact with the beveled edge will deform, but it should be noted. If the cutting material is fixed on the lower edge of the cutting edge, the slit of the slit will deform.

Ⅲ. The use temperature of polyurethane ore screen

As we all know, the polyurethane ore screen has a certain control on the use temperature, so that the products produced can also improve their use quality.

If the product is not produced at the same temperature, it will have a certain impact on the toughness of the polyurethane screen mesh. Let us introduce the temperature control of the device in detail!

One is that the optimized cooling method of urethane screen is to take it out of the heating furnace, then put it into the air for proper pre-cooling, then put it into the coolant, and then put it into the coolant for quenching, so as to reduce the effective quenching method.

Control the temperature and change the direction of rotation to promote uniform cooling rates of workpiece parts, reduce deformation and prevent cracking.

The second is to determine the heating temperature of the industrial wire screens, that is, quenching. If the heating temperature is too high, the austenite grains will be coarse, oxidative decarburization will occur, and the deformation and cracking tendency of the parts will increase.

Within the specified temperature range, the heating temperature of quenching is low, which will cause the shrinkage of the inner hole of the part. Therefore, the upper limit of the heating temperature should be selected for heating.

For alloy steel materials, if the heating temperature is too high, the expansion of the inner pores of the urethane screen will occur, and the pore size will become larger. Therefore, the lower limit of the heating temperature should be used.

Third, after taking it out of the coolant, do not stay in the air for a long time. It must be placed in a tempering furnace for processing. During the tempering process, low temperature tempering embrittlement and high temperature tempering embrittlement should be avoided.