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Reasons for Rapid Breakage of Urethane Screens

How about urethane screens?

Urethane screens have long service life. Due to high strength, impact absorption and high wear resistance, its service life is 8-10 times higher than that of metal mesh. The production material of urethane screens belongs to high polymer organic elastomer, which has excellent wear resistance, bending resistance and large bearing capacity. The raw material of urethane screens is specially processed to ensure no delamination under long-term alternating loads. Urethane screens adopt imported raw materials and has good elasticity and relaxation performance. The urethane screens have high screening accuracy. The production process of urethane screen determines the regularity of pore shape, accurate pore size and high screening quality.

What are the reasons for the fast breakage of urethane screens?

If urethane screens are not well protected during long-term use, a series of problems will occur, and rapid breakage is one of the failures. This phenomenon should be considered whether it is due to quality problems or other reasons. Let's analyze:

  • The tension of urethane screens is not enough, which causes the vibration of urethane screens, usually resulting in fractures or damage along the edge or edge pressure strip of urethane screens. Check the tension of urethane screens regularly and ensure that urethane screens are installed firmly.

  • The problem of material feeding. Because the materials are continuously fed during the working process of the vibrating screen, if too much material is fed at one time and the material movement on the screen surface is blocked, it is not only easy to fatigue the urethane screens but also greatly reduce the processing capacity of materials.

  • Large amount of material input at once will cause a sudden increase of the motor load, which is in an unbalanced operation originally. It is not only easy to damage the urethane screens, but also easy to damage the vibration motor. Therefore, materials should be fed evenly.

  • The quality of urethane screens is an important factor that causes the rapid breakage of urethane screens. If the material of urethane screens does not meet the screening requirements of the material, the urethane screens will be damaged quickly.

When choosing urethane screens, we should check its appearance, whether the appearance is exquisite, whether the screen is flat, whether the color of urethane screens is simple and whether there are any broken strips, burrs, missing materials, mixed materials, and tight seams. A good appearance is the premise of its service life.

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