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Reasons and Specifications Application of Mine Screen Mesh Clogging

Ⅰ. What are the reasons that affect the infarction of the mining screen mesh?

When the mining screen mesh is used to stop the screening, the screen holes will be blocked due to the difference of the screened items. There are many reasons for the blockage of the screen holes of the mining screen mesh, mainly including these points.

1. The material contains more water;

2. Spherical particles or materials with multiple contact points to sieve holes;

3. Static electricity will occur;

4. Materials with fibrous materials;

5. There are many flake particles in the mining mesh screen;

6. The braided screen wire is thick;

7. For thicker screens such as rubber screens, the hole shape design is unreasonable, and the upper and lower parts are not large, so that the particles are stuck.

Reasonable adjustment of the tension force of the screen mesh is an effective way to increase the hole blocking of the screen mesh. The reasonable tension force causes the screen mesh and the supporting beam to vibrate slightly twice, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of the hole blocking phenomenon.

The detailed method is to make the tension hook into a constant force tension mechanism, that is, to install a spring on the tension bolt.

Ⅱ. Application of mine screen specifications

Mine screen refers to braided screen and welded screen. The characteristic of braided screen is that it is woven from 65 manganese steel screen for screening ores.

Mine screen mesh produced by mining screen manufacturers is used for mining and screening of vibrating screen machines and high-frequency screen machines in coal plants, mines, iron ore, iron powder, etc. This product has clear and correct grid, strong wire diameter rigidity, wear resistance, long life and so on.

According to the application value used to screen, filter, and protect the size of the material, it is decided to choose the thickness of the mine screen, the size of the mesh, and then determine the price growth and change of the screen.

With the same mesh, the larger the wire diameter, the higher the price of the screen, which also highlights the long service life of the screen.

Ⅲ. Specifications and standards for the use performance of mine screens

Screening in mining and grading machines often use industrial wire screens for grading screening. Generally, coal mines use 65 manganese steel woven screens. The specifications of mine screens are 8mm and 10mm wire diameter, and the meshes are 1cm, 1.5cm, 2 cm, 2.5 cm, 3 cm, 3.5 cm, 4 cm and other specifications.

It is mainly used for vibrating screen machine to screen out small ores and coal mines for the next step of utilization and purification. The use standard of mine screen not only shows wear-resistant characteristics, but also shows the high strength of mine screen.

The high-strength usability of the mining screen is the outstanding manifestation of the performance of the manganese steel wire. The rigidity of the screen is characterized by strong rigidity and strong wear resistance.

Here I want to focus on the 65 manganese steel wire is black, black and bright. The 45th steel wire is gray and black. This is to distinguish the manganese steel wire from the color. Some mining screen manufacturers use the 45th steel wire. Instead of 65 manganese steel wire, it must be beneficial to distinguish the authenticity.