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Introduction to Stainless Crimped Wire Mesh

Overview of stainless crimped wire mesh

Due to the special properties of stainless steel, stainless steel embossed mesh is commonly used in industries that have strict stability requirements. For example, it is used in the food industry to make mesh baskets for food, in the chemical industry for screening and filtering under acid and alkali environments.

It is used as an acid-washing net in the electroplating industry, a mud net in the petroleum industry, a decoration net in the construction industry, and an oil-water separator in the automobile industry, among other applications. Stainless steel embossed mesh is now widely used in industries such as mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, metallurgy, machinery, protection, construction, and handicrafts.

Material: stainless steel woven wire mesh includes stainless steel wire 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321.

Weaving: Stainless steel embossed mesh is first rolled and then woven, with two-way bending, two-way staggered bending, and one-way bending.

Specifications: Mesh size 1-24 mesh, wire diameter 40 wires-600 wires (S), width 1 meter-5 meters. There are many types of embossed mesh that can be customized.

Features: Embossed mesh is woven using special processes, with a flat surface, solid structure, durability, and other characteristics, making it an innovative product for cleaning equipment in pig breeding. It is characterized by stable structure, strong impact resistance, wear resistance, low cost, and uniform and beautiful mesh aperture, among other advantages.

Material of stainless crimped wire mesh

The area, material used, and filtration level of stainless steel embossed mesh provided by stainless steel mesh suppliers are important considerations. The larger the area, the better the purification efficiency and the higher the price; the higher the filtration level, the better the filtration efficiency and the higher the price, which is certain.

However, the material used is the most important factor. First of all, the quality of stainless steel embossed mesh must be ensured, because stainless steel embossed mesh is generally thin and its purification capacity decreases after attenuation when the wind speed is intelligently regulated.

If the air quality is poor, the wind speed will increase, the motor and machine will be affected, and dirty air will be continuously sent indoors. Therefore, safety and durability should be the primary considerations.

Choosing the best cost-effective option is a comprehensive consideration. Stainless steel embossed mesh may have an odour itself, and it will become sour if it becomes mouldy.

It may also be due to the presence of an odour in the outside environment, which is brought in during fresh air filtration. Check if there is any odour outside the window. If there is none, it reminds you to replace the stainless steel woven mesh.

Household fresh air systems generally have four layers of stainless steel embossed mesh, including primary, intermediate, and high-efficiency filters, and activated carbon filters.

Primary filter: It is made of white non-woven fabric folded into pleats, and the folded part is unfolded several times to enlarge the area, providing a large enough filtering area.

It filters out larger particles in the air. As a primary filter, it can effectively prevent large particles of dust from entering the body of the machine.

Intermediate filter: Lightweight, beautiful in appearance, and sturdy and durable in structure; using folded filter cotton as the filter material and bonding it with an aluminium frame, it has a large filtering area and can hold more dust.

Dust particles flowing into the air are effectively blocked between the folds of the filter material in stainless steel embossed mesh, effectively filtering particles larger than 5um in the air.

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