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Introduction to Characteristics and Application Scope of Urethane Screens

Understanding of urethane screens

Urethane screens are usually used on vibrating screens, which are the main machine equipment in the mining and screening industry, with many different specifications and models. At the same time, in order to meet the grading and dehydration needs of different industries, the screen mesh structure, size, and specifications of the machine are all different.

Urethane screens can be divided into dewatering screen mesh, dewatering intermediate screen mesh, and material grading screen mesh according to different purposes, and can be fixed on vibrating screens by clamping, bolt, or stretching method. The screen surface is usually composed of many pieces of screen mesh, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. Urethane screens made of polyurethane raw materials have many characteristics such as high-strength, high-wear resistance, high-elasticity, lightweight, not easily blocked, high-screening efficiency, and long service life, and is now widely used in industries such as mining, coal, metallurgy, and water conservancy.

Characteristics and scope of application of urethane screens

  • Good wear resistance and long service life. Its wear resistance is 3 to 5 times that of steel screen mesh and more than 5 times that of ordinary rubber screen mesh.

  • Less maintenance work. Urethane screens are not easily damaged and has a long service life, which can greatly reduce the maintenance workload and loss after shutdown.

  • Good moisture resistance, can be used with water as a medium. In the presence of water, oil, and other media, the friction coefficient between polyurethane and other materials is reduced, which is more conducive to screening, improves screening efficiency, and avoids the adhesion of wet particles. At the same time, by reducing the friction coefficient, the wear is reduced and the service life is prolonged.

  • Low overall cost. Although the one-time investment in the same size (area) of urethane screens is higher than that of stainless steel screen mesh (about twice), the service life of urethane screens is 3 to 5 times longer than that of stainless steel screen mesh, and maintenance and replacement are less, so the overall cost is not high and more economical.

  • Corrosion-resistant, not easy to burn, non-toxic and tasteless.

  • Due to the reasonable design of the screen hole and the unique manufacturing process of the screen plate, extremely large particles will not block the screen hole.

  • Due to the secondary vibration characteristics of polyurethane, urethane screens have self-cleaning function and high screening efficiency.

  • Good shock absorption performance, strong noise reduction ability, can reduce noise, and make super large objects not easy to break during vibration.

  • Energy-saving and consumption-reducing. The specific gravity of polyurethane is small, much lighter than the same size of steel screen mesh, thereby reducing the load of the screening machine, saving electricity, and extending the service life of the screening machine.