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How to Identify the Quality of Polyurethane Screen and the Cause of Its Damage

Ⅰ. How to identify the quality of urethane screen?

Good quality urethane screens must be different from ordinary urethane screens in use, as we all know. Therefore, it is necessary to screen the product quality, choose a good quality product, and better play its role in use.

If you choose general products or products with poor quality, it will directly affect your screening efficiency and cause mistakes in your work.

1. When choosing a urethane screen, check whether the screen holes are even. After all, the sieve openings of good-quality urethane screens are uniform, standard-compliant, and have a small tolerance range.

2. The opening ratio is a direct factor affecting the screening efficiency. The more openings of the urethane screen, the higher the opening rate, the higher the screening efficiency and output.

3. The connection method of the urethane screen is also a factor that directly affects the screening efficiency. If the newly developed urethane screen has a screen with an automatic connection device, the connection is simple and time-saving, and the disassembly and assembly are more convenient.

It is convenient to shorten the initial installation man-hour and the partial screen replacement time in use, thereby improving production efficiency. Polyurethane screen requires tight connection without leakage.

4. In actual production, the PU screen should have strong elasticity to ensure that the waist does not collapse during production; the urethane screen should have a certain toughness to ensure that the screen is not brittle.

5. Check whether there are burrs on the surface of the urethane screen, whether the screen is intact, and whether there are cracks on the surface of the urethane screen. Check whether the surface of the polyurethane filter is defective and whether the polyurethane filter is intact.

Ⅱ. What causes the urethane screen to be damaged during use?

1. The quality problem of urethane screen is an important factor to accelerate the rupture and damage of urethane screen.

If the quality of the pu screen mesh does not meet the screening requirements of the material, the pu screen will be damaged soon, so when you choose the urethane screen, you must choose a professional manufacturer with guaranteed quality.

2. Polyurethane mesh is not tight enough

The polyurethane mesh is usually damaged and broken along the edge of the urethane screen or at the edge of the edge. The majority of users of the urethane screen check the tension of the urethane screen to ensure that the connection is firm.

3. Material supply problem

The vibrating screen is constantly feeding, so too much feeding will interfere with the normal movement of materials on the screen surface, which will not only make the urethane screen wear and loose, but also reduce the ability to process materials.

If there is a lot of feeding at one time, the load on the motor will increase rapidly during unbalanced operation. Not only the urethane screen is easily damaged, but also the vibration motor is easily damaged.

Therefore, when the machine is running and feeding materials, the feeding materials must be evenly distributed. For high-impact feeding systems, the urethane screen of the vibrating screen must be equipped with a buffer hopper.

The direct impact of the material on the urethane screen consumes the exciting force generated by the vibration source, which is more likely to damage the urethane screen and easily cause the pu screen to be fatigued in a large number of screening materials, which will damage the life of the urethane screen.

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