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Features and Maintenance of Mine Screen Mesh

What are the characteristics of mine screen meshs?

Mine screen meshs may not be common to those of us living in big cities, because this type of product is generally used more in medium and large processing and production factories in industries, and it is widely used because of its good properties.

First of all, because it is processed at room temperature, its plasticity is relatively strong. If stainless steel material is used, various products will be produced.

Secondly, one of the reasons why this product is widely used by us is that its surface is relatively smooth and does not require any polishing treatment.

Finally, mine screen meshes have a series of characteristics, such as high-temperature resistance, durability, acid and alkali resistance, and good corrosion resistance, so they are still favoured by professionals in the mine screen mesh market.

How to maintain mine screen meshs?

Screens for mining are a new type of wire mesh that can be used to help us filter or screen out some metallic structural components. However, this type of screen can be made from different materials, such as stainless steel, which is a material we often use. However, no matter what kind of mine screen mesh is used, attention must be paid to its maintenance.

When maintaining this type of wire mesh, it is important to know that the larger the wire diameter, the longer its lifespan, and the higher the mesh number, the smaller the mesh size of the wire mesh, and the smaller the wire diameter. To maintain mine screen meshs, attention should be paid to the mesh, mesh number, and wire diameter.

Only by mastering the maintenance skills of these three aspects can we master the maintenance methods of mine screen meshs.

When purchasing mine screen mesh products, one question that everyone will ask is about quality. First, we need to judge the size of the mine screen mesh company and the authenticity of the company. Companies with large scales will definitely invest more in quality management than small companies.

Secondly, we need to judge the quality of screening in mining, whether the welded mine screen mesh welded points are uniform and firm, whether the punched mine screen mesh hole type is regular, whether there are burrs, and so on.

Also, it is best for the stainless steel wire mesh manufacturers to provide a test report for the raw materials used in the production of mine screen meshs.

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