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Economic Analysis of Vibrating Screen Mesh

Vibrating screen mesh is a supporting equipment for sand production line. The woven structure of vibrating screen mesh is pre-bent into a corrugated shape metal wire, ensuring the size of the mesh by locking the two corrugations at the same position. Vibrating screen mesh has double-directional wave bending, tightly locked bending, double-directional isolation wave bending, flat-top bending, and single-directional wave bending. The structure is strong and it is widely used in the industries such as mines, coal mines, construction, glass factories, petroleum, and hardware products. Additionally, there is a special flower-rolled mesh used for raising pigs.

Effectiveness of vibrating screen mesh

Through improving the fixing method of the screen mesh on the frame and the pressing method of the frame on the vibrating screen body, the constant problem of the original vibrating screen mesh breaking every so often is thoroughly changed. Vibrating screen mesh is made of metal or fiber wire, and can remove impurities from certain materials to be recycled. The elastic fine screen is used as the base of the screen, which is very beneficial to improve the work efficiency of the vibrating screen. The screen is usually made of rubber or polyurethane, which reduces the adhesion between the screen surface and the material, making the material generate secondary high-frequency vibration, avoiding screen holes from clogging, improving material permeability, and reducing the mechanical effects of the screen material on the screen surface. Compared with steel wire mesh, it can withstand greater vibration.

Economic benefits of vibrating screen mesh

  • Labor intensity: The labor intensity caused by frequent screen mesh replacements is reduced, which allows maintenance workers to have more time and energy to deal with other matters. There is no need for operators to worry about lumps leaking in packaged salt due to broken mesh, just a normal patrol will do, which is worry-free and labor-saving.

  • The reliable guarantee of the vibrating screen mesh improves the inherent quality of the product, enhances the credibility of the enterprise's product quality, avoids quality disputes caused by this aspect, and lets customers, themselves, and leaders be assured.

  • Due to the improvement in equipment reliability, maintenance time is saved, labor productivity is improved, working hours and efficiency are increased, and normal and orderly production is guaranteed.

Fixing method of vibrating screen mesh

Oblique plate compression

The method of fixing the screen surface on both sides of the screen frame by the upper bolts and the oblique plate on the screen frame is called oblique plate compression. This fixing method is commonly used for perforated screens of thin steel plates, rubber and polyurethane screens used for medium-grade screens.

Bolt tightening

The method of connecting the screen surface to the screen frame with bolts is called bolt tightening. This fixing method is suitable for fixing the middle of the screen plate, rubber screen surface, strip screen surface, and large diameter textile screen with a thickness of more than 8mm.

Wooden wedge compaction

The method of fixing the screen surface on the vibrating screen frame with wooden wedges is called wooden wedge compaction. This compaction method is suitable for perforated screens and slotted screens.

Hook tension

The end of the screen or screen plate is turned into a hook shape or wrapped with a thin steel plate and rubber pad on the edge of the screen to form a hook shape. The hook of the vibrating baking soda screen is tightened by a hook and a bolt. The first method is suitable for woven screens or screen plates with a thickness of less than 6mm, and the second method is suitable for smaller screen diameters.

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