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Common Applications of Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh has long been regarded as one of the strongest and most durable products on the market. This highly portable solution can protect and preserve things that are important to you, including those that require ventilation, visibility, and light. Changes in weaving techniques, wire diameter, opening size, and metal type have led to more configuration choices and more applications.

Woven wire mesh is used for industrial safety and security

Flame-retardant metal mesh minimizes safety concerns from top to bottom of buildings. Woven wire mesh window guards and storage cages are the first line of defense in protecting valuable and difficult-to-replace assets. Multifunctional metal meshes can also prevent accidents by blocking sparks generated by machines, forming a barrier between employees and automated equipment, and preventing items from falling off pallet racks. Other industrial and commercial uses of woven wire mesh include: partition walls, lockers, cladding, screening, separation and filtration, handrails, transport cages, and evidence cages.

Woven wire mesh is used for agricultural purposes

Woven wire mesh is the preferred choice for most farms, regardless of size. Easy to clean and maintain, its adaptability is suitable for crop protection, compost bins, soil and grain sieving, redline demarcation, livestock barriers, greenhouse use, pest control, filtration, and irrigation.

Woven wire mesh is used for architecture and interior design

Although the protective and security capabilities of woven mesh cannot be denied, architects, interior designers, and even artists use it more frequently because of its decorative qualities. Woven wire mesh is useful in both interior and exterior projects. It is extremely flexible, offering endless possibilities in various patterns, materials, and sizes for the following functions: decorative walkways, screening, balustrades, ceilings, fountains, air separators, wallpapers, fireplace and safety screens, ventilator screens, shelves and brackets, and sculptures.

Woven wire mesh has many benefits. The tightly woven metal is durable and allows air conditioning and heating to circulate. Your needs and imagination will only limit the configuration options for this seemingly simple material. It is easy to clean and a flexible, portable solution that can be used indoors or outdoors. Building contractors, architects, and people working in agriculture and other sectors continue to seek new ways to use woven wire mesh for all types of projects.