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Causes and Correct Treatment of Urethane Screen Clogging in Use

Under normal working conditions, the polyurethane screen generally does not appear to be blocked during use. If this phenomenon often occurs, it means that there is a problem, mainly from the following aspects to check and deal with.

Ⅰ. How to screen the cause of pu screen blockage

1. The quality problem of pu screen mesh

Screen products with unreasonable design or substandard quality are selected. When customers purchase screen products, they should choose screen products from companies with good qualifications, good reputation and guaranteed quality.

2. Improper selection of pu screen model

After eliminating the quality problems of the screen, the selection of the screen model is very important, and the screen hole cannot reasonably match the diameter of the screened material. It can also lead to the occurrence of clogging.

3. The humidity of the material screened by the pu screen mesh is too high

When the material is too large, it is easy to cause adhesion between the materials during the vibration of the screen, and it is not easy to separate. Caused the phenomenon of polyurethane screen mesh plugging. At this time, the material needs to be reprocessed to make the humidity reach the standard before being put into the screening equipment.

4. Improper adjustment of the tension of the pu screen mesh


If the tension of the screen is adjusted too loose or too tight, the vibration frequency and vibration amplitude of the screen will be insufficient, resulting in hole blocking. The treatment method is to regularly check and adjust the tension of the pu screen in time, and adjust it to the range of technical requirements.

5. Improper material crushing method or failure of pu screen equipment

It causes the broken shape of the material to change (for example, from the original round particles to strip particles). This prevents the material from passing through the sieve holes smoothly. The treatment method is to adjust the crushing method or repair the crushing equipment to meet the conditions required for the operation of the screening equipment.

Therefore, as long as you purchase high-quality pu mesh screen products that meet the standards, install and use them correctly and reasonably, and perform regular maintenance and inspections, you can effectively prevent the occurrence of hole plugging in the use of urethane screens.

Ⅱ. Will the polyurethane screen become hard in winter?

Polyurethane mesh referred to as "PU" is a kind of rubber material, which will harden at low temperature, but it will not be as hard and brittle as people imagine.

The polyurethane material is extracted from petroleum, and its properties are similar to those of mineral water bottles. As we all know, mineral water bottles become soft when heated, but they will not be too hard after freezing.

Ⅲ. What should be paid attention to when installing and using urethane screens?

1. Avoid installation misalignment

2. Avoid slurry leakage along the upper edge

3. Avoid slurry leakage and screen damage

4. Avoid dislocation wear

5. Avoid too loose tension, the looseness of the screen will cause the "secondary mortar" of the pu screen beating the screen surface, which will seriously affect the screening efficiency and the life of the pu screen mesh.

6. Check the tension of the screen and avoid over tension. Excessive tension of the screen will affect the life of the screen and even directly damage the screen.

7. Avoid concentrated scouring. Uneven distribution of pulp will cause localized scouring of the screen and shorten the life of the screen. If concentrated flushing occurs, please improve the structure of the feeder or turn it around regularly.

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