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Benefits of Using Woven Wire Mesh

Introduction to woven wire mesh

Wire mesh is a traditional industrial product and has a wide range of applications in many fields such as scientific research, production, and daily life. With the rapid development of science and technology, it is widely used as packing material in packing beds and packing towers. woven wire mesh is made of steel or copper wire. The wire has different thicknesses and the mesh has different sizes and specifications. There are many types, commonly known as "mesh" for coarse wire and large holes, "yarn" for medium wire and holes, and "fabric" for fine wire and small holes. When expressing the specifications, the mesh size is usually calculated if it is 1/8 inch or more, and the number of holes per inch is calculated if it is less than 1/8 inch. However, it may also indicate the diameter and number of the wire. There are many patterns of wire mesh, the most common of which are square plain weave and square diagonal weave. In addition, there are diamond-shaped and hexagonal twisted weave meshes, etc.

What are the benefits of using woven wire mesh?

When choosing a material that provides structural and safety advantages for facilities, woven wire mesh is usually the most suitable choice. woven wire mesh is used in facilities worldwide, so what are the benefits of using woven wire mesh?


When looking for material for lockers, you need a product that is designed to maintain optimal performance for a long time. Custom woven wire mesh is ideal for this because the metal wires are double-curled and do not bend or break under pressure. This means that it can usually resist many tools that criminals may use to try to break into lockers. Metal wire mesh is also designed using geometric triangulation principles, which can protect materials from damage.


For many companies that want to integrate their material costs, a major advantage is the flexibility that woven wire mesh provides for buildings. This product is suitable for use inside lockers and railings to prevent items from falling from the top to the lower area. In addition, companies can use woven wire mesh as a decorative element inside facilities, presenting a professional appeal and helping to enhance the brand's excellent reputation.


The open space in woven wire mesh provides ventilation and airflow. When protecting computer servers inside large facilities, this material is usually chosen as a safety element. Servers require air circulation to ensure optimal cooling and fan performance, and they must also be protected inside facilities. Industry teams rely on the highest quality woven wire mesh to play this critical protective role. 

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The following are our woven wire mesh types.

square mesh

slotted screen mesh

anti clogging wire mesh