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Applications and Categories of Woven Wire Mesh

Understanding of woven wire mesh

The woven wire mesh can be divided into several types such as stainless steel square mesh, stainless steel plain weave mesh, and stainless steel crimped mesh. Stainless steel square mesh is widely used for solid material screening and liquid filtration in industries including chemical, food seasoning, mining, pharmaceutical, papermaking, metal powder manufacturing, and fertilizer.

Stainless steel plain weave mesh is suitable for gas and liquid filtration and separation of other media. It is widely used in industries such as precision filter presses, fuel filters, and vacuum filters. Manganese steel is a high-strength anti-manganese steel mainly used in harsh working conditions, such as impact, extrusion, and material wear. The damage form mainly includes wear and consumption, and partial component fracture and deformation.

There are three types of wear: friction and wear, where metal components contact each other and move; abrasion caused by metal or non-metal materials hitting the metal surface; and erosion wear caused by flowing gas or liquid contacting the metal. The wear resistance of wear-resistant steel depends on the material itself, and the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel varies under different working conditions. Only the material itself and working conditions can determine its wear resistance.

woven wire mesh has the features of precise weaving, regular mesh, reliable filtering accuracy, high compressive strength, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, and good formability.

Understanding Polyurethane Screen Mesh

The screen mesh is an inevitable product of the refinement of coal, iron ore, industrial and chemical raw materials; it is a component of the microscopic cells of social development that indirectly or directly affects the development of society. The selectivity of the screen mesh is mainly based on its characteristics.

The Polyurethane screen mesh(PU screen mesh), also known as urethane screen, has a wide range of applications and strong professionalism. It is mainly used in industries such as metallurgy, non-ferrous, ferrous, coal, chemical, building materials, hydropower engineering, building materials, metal beneficiation, mine abrasive waste treatment, and quarrying. It can screen various materials within the range of 0.1mm to 170mm, whether dry or wet, without affecting the screening efficiency. The working noise of the pu screen mesh is low. According to actual tests, the use of urethane screens on the same screen machine can reduce noise by 5-20dB compared to metal screens, greatly reducing dust and creating a quiet and clean working environment.

The selectivity of the screen mesh mainly depends on the characteristics, material, wire diameter, mesh, service life, price, and other factors. These factors interdepend on one another. The thickness of the wire diameter directly affects the service life and price of the screen mesh. The wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and magnetic properties of the material are directly related to the price of the screen mesh.

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