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Application of Polyurethane Screen Mesh in Pre-screening of Vibrating Screen

Pre-screening is to screen out qualified grades before the ore enters the crushing section, which can reduce the amount of ore entering the crusher and improve the production capacity of the crusher; at the same time, it can prevent over-crushing of rich ore.

Pre-screening has relatively high requirements on the screen, requiring large bearing capacity, high wear resistance and very strong impact resistance. Compared with metal mesh, polyurethane mesh with metal frame and anti-wear polyurethane cover is more suitable.

Ⅰ. What are the benefits of pre-screening with vibrating screen mesh?

When dealing with ore with higher moisture content and more fine ore, the wet ore fines can block the crushing cavity of the crusher and significantly reduce the production capacity of the crusher. Using pre-screening to remove wet and fine mineral powder can provide more normal working conditions for the crusher.

The application of pre-screening is mainly determined according to the content of fine-grained grades (grained grades smaller than the width of the discharge opening of the crusher) in the ore. The higher the fine particle content, the more advantageous the crusher is to use pre-screening.

Research has proved that it is technically and economically to use vibrating screen wire meshs to pre-screen favorable ores, in which the limit content of fines is related to the crushing ratio of the crusher.

When the particle size characteristics of the raw ore are straight, under the conditions of various crushing ratios, the content of the fine-grained grade in the crusher exceeds the above limit value, that is, it is beneficial to use the limit content of pre-screening.

It can be seen from this that when the particle size characteristics of the raw ore are straight, no matter how large the crushing ratio of the crusher is, it is always beneficial to use pre-screening. In most cases, the particle size characteristics of the raw ore are concave, so pre-screening before crushing is economically cost-effective.

Pre-screening is very important, and choosing the right screen is more important. Comparing various screens, it can be found that polyurethane screen mesh is the most suitable screen for material screening.

Ⅱ. How to prevent the vibrating screen mesh from rusting?

1. The rust of the screen is due to the contact between its surface and the air, and the reaction between the steel and the water, so to remove the rust, start with isolation. For example, a protective layer can be covered on the surface of the steel plate, so that the metal surface can be in contact with the corrosive medium.

2. Pay attention to the placement of the equipment. Be sure to put the equipment in a dry and cool place, do not put the equipment in a humid environment, and avoid direct contact with moisture. In this way, water corrosion can be reduced from the root, and rust can be removed.

3. Industrial screen manufacturer also suggest that it is also necessary to do a good job of cleaning the screen, and do a good job of cleaning to ensure the screening effect of the vibrating screen mesh.

According to the above methods, the screen can be effectively prevented from rusting, so as to ensure that the equipment can really play the biggest role. In addition, we should also remind everyone to choose high-quality equipment. The materials used in high-quality equipment are of good quality and are not easy to rust.