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Application Areas of Construction Metal Mesh Products

In recent years, the construction and decoration industry has developed rapidly, and the variety of building materials has been endless. Stainless steel construction metal mesh is one of them. In addition to the common characteristics of similar products, it also has the characteristics of wide application, beautiful appearance, unique performance, and durability, and has a good development prospect.

The architectural stainless steel metal wire mesh is woven from stainless steel bars and stainless steel wire (rope) under the pure machine control of computers. There are various patterns and beautiful and noble appearances. Different patterns can have different application directions, and the same application can get different effects by using different patterns.  Construction metal mesh can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, curtain walls, walls, ceilings, railings, front desks and partitions, and floor decoration, and even if it is surrounded by a circle and a light bulb is put inside, it becomes a lamp. The heavy-duty metal mesh screen that combines simplicity, elegance, and extreme change is a unique architectural decoration material, which adds an unparalleled contemporary spatial sense to architects' architectural design. From the perspective of the picture, the stainless steel metal wire mesh presents people with a new vision. According to the changes in the time of the day, it can show people an infinitely changing flowing picture through the continuous changes in shadows.

Application of construction metal mesh in museums

Construction metal mesh products can also be widely used in high-end museums, not only for the decoration of valuable items, of course, but also for anti-theft purposes. Its advantages in this aspect reflect the main theme of energy saving. It can also be used to decorate airport halls and the columns of post offices and banks. Stainless steel metal wire mesh can also be applied to many other fields. The use of stainless steel metal wire mesh is more popular in European countries. I believe that every designer and owner who has been to Europe will encounter projects that use stainless steel metal wire mesh abroad. At present, the countries producing metal wire mesh in the world are the United States and Germany.

Application of construction metal mesh in the National Grand Theater

Heavy-duty wire mesh screen has been successfully used in racetracks, the National Grand Theater, and so on.  Architectural metal wire mesh is a symbol of the country in the field of architectural decoration and is currently only used in high-end building fields. Mainly because the price is slightly expensive, many designers still realized the beauty of this material for the first time and designed it into architectural elements. With the continuous development of the national economic construction and the further improvement of the living standards, this high-tech product of metal wire mesh will be further applied in more fields.

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