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Analysis of Basic Knowledge about Mine Screen Mesh

Mine screen meshes are metal structures used for filtering, sieving, dewatering, desliming, and other operations. Most of them are trapezoidal in shape, with a narrow top and a wide bottom. Of course, different mine screen meshes have different characteristics, materials, and uses.

The main types of mine screen meshes are:

Stainless steel welded mine screen mesh, sieve basket/sieve plate, vibrating screen, slot screen, cylindrical screen, arc-shaped screen, high-strength screen, polyester mine screen mesh, etc.

What materials are used for mine screen mesh?

Mine screen meshs are metal mesh components used for sieving and filtering. They have high strength, rigidity, and bearing capacity, and can be made into various rigid sieving and filtering devices. They are mainly used in coal, mining, petroleum, chemical, grain, and other industries.

The materials of the mine screen mesh mainly include titanium wire, nickel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, and steel wire.

There are two main processes for mine screen mesh

One is weaving, using machines to weave the weft and warp wires into square mesh holes, that is square mesh. The other is welding, welding metal wires into square or rectangular holes for welded mine screen meshes.

The main advantages of mine screen mesh are:

High screening efficiency, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-slip, vibration resistance, strong elasticity and toughness, and no stringing. The wire section is trapezoidal. The gap is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom, which is made of stainless steel wire cold-rolled into a screening strip. The support strips are welded by automated mine screen mesh production equipment, with uniform screen gaps, stable welding quality, high opening rate, long service life, and high strength, rigidity, and bearing capacity, which can be made into various rigid sieving and filtering devices.

The fine screen has an aperture of 0.1mm, a rib spacing of 0.1mm between each hole, an opening rate exceeding 32%, a total thickness of 1.5mm, and a hole thickness of 0.2mm. This screen is the world's best and can improve the metal recovery rate, save a lot of resources, and protect the environment.

Because the fine screen can solve the shortcomings of China's current beneficiation process, it solves the problems of clogging, leakage, short screen life, frequent replacement, and serious impact on normal production and operation of mine screen meshes. It reduces the workload of maintenance, solves the problems of high operating costs, serious over-grinding of some ores, mud formation after over-grinding, increased grinding power consumption, and the impact on flotation effect, overall recovery rate, and iron concentrate grade.